Square Enix releases the Official Hitman: ICA App for Android

hitman.android-app If you’re a fan of Agent 47 chances are you picked up Hitman Absolution when it was released last year. The Hitman: ICA app is an official companion app for Absolution, and it’s a must have Android app if you own the game.hitman.ica-android Hitman: ICA lets you access the world of Hitman Absolution from your mobile while you’re out and about. You won’t be able to play the game, but you will be able to do all sorts of cool things including setting up “Contracts” on the go. From within the app you’ll be able to buy and upgrade weapons for your character in the game as well as view your current arsenal. Any changes you make synchronize with your game data so you can gear up for a hit on the go which means you’ll always  be prepared when you’re ready to game. You’ll also get access to the ICA database where you can get info on targets, tips & tricks, and browse other assassins’ stats as well as your own. I’ve been playing Hitman games since the first one was released, and was one of many gamers that picked up Hitman Absolution on release day. The Hitman: ICA app is an excellent companion app worthy of Agent 47, but it would have been nice to have it released alongside the game instead of 4 months later. That being said, it has some great features and you’ll want to pick it up if you’re still playing Absolution. You can snag Square Enix’s Hitman: ICA app for free on Google Play.

Hitman: ICA

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