Star Arcade releases Crazy Garden for Android


Star Arcade brought us a fun multiplayer game last year with Jelly Wars and now they’re at it again with Crazy Gardens for Android. As with all their games, this one’s an online multiplayer game and it’s all about the plants this time around. Crazy Gardens is the story of two neighbors who looked the same, drove the same cars, and lived in similar looking houses. They also have share the same love of gardening which is where the fun begins. The neighbors like to sabotage each other’s gardens with Carnivorous plants and your job is to strategically place those plants in your neighbors garden. Putting down the Carnivorous plants definitely throws a monkey wrench in the works and it also prevents your neighbor from planting flowers in that particular spot. It’s a social game as well as it has in-game chatting, following, achievements, and gives you access to Star Arcade’s Social Lounge. There is no offline mode or single player in Crazy Gardens so keep that in mind as you’ll have to have a 3G/WiFi signal to play.


Crazy Garden is a game that’s all about strategy, timing, and greenery. If you enjoyed Star Arcade’s Jelly Wars or like online multiplayer games, Crazy Garden is definitely worth a look. There’s a free version of the game you can try or you can pick up the full version for $2.46. Both versions of Crazy Garden are available for download on Google Play.

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