Star Wars themed Angry Birds incoming?

Rovio have had quite an eventful period of development and have amassed a huge number of downloads and indeed sales of their products since they first launched their brand of destructive and highly addictive fun onto the Android platform back in September 2010. We’ve seen the Angry Birds catapulted (pun intended) into the Android limelight as the original and then subsequent sequels of the original game were released. More recently we’ve seen the Angry Birds spin off game entitled Bad Piggies  take center stage on the Google Play market. Now, it seems that Rovio are considering taking their Angry Birds back into Space, which was the story behind one of the sequels to Angry Birds, as they appear to be joining up with the massive Star Wars franchise. The official Rovio Twitter account has just pointed their fans in the direction of the [also official] Angry Birds Tumblr page with the promise that “something huge is on the way….”. On that Tumblr page, we are greeted with what appears to be an Angry Bird character dressed as a Jedi with a light sabre close by which has led many to believe that Rovio are indeed hinting that they are going in a Star Wars direction with their next angry Birds release. Whether we will get to see a Luke Birdwalker or a Darth Piggy remains to be seen however, Rovio have also announced that there will be an event held in New York soon at which, they will reveal all about the Angry Bird Jedi found on their Tumblr page. For those interested in joining Rovio and ‘The Force’ at the event that will reveal their “next big thing”, then you can make your way to Times Square, New York at 10am EST on the 8th of October. Although Rovio hint at something happening at Toys R Us, Times Square at 8am EST.

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