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Start 2013 off on a Positive Note with the Moments of Gratitude Journal

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Journals have been around since people first put pen to paper, but Gratitude Journals are a new type of diary. The Moments of Gratitude Journal from Midnight Troop is a good way to get acquainted with the concept and a great way to start of the New Year with the power of positive thinking. A Gratitude Journal is just like a regular one with the only difference being the subject matter as you’ll write down what you’re grateful for instead of your day to day happenings. It’s a simple but effective concept that proves keeping a journal of things you’re grateful for can help you focus your attention on positive things in your life. As for using the journal it’s very simple as all you need to do is touch a day of the week and add five things you’re grateful for on that day. You can add a picture, set the weather and even bookmark the date for future reference. The free version will only let you make five notations per day, but the full version kicks things up a notch by giving you 10 more spaces to write in and removing the ads. I’ll be perfectly honest here. The whole Positive Thinking thing does work, but you’ll only get out of it what you put into it. The same can be said for the Moments of Gratitude Journal as it will help you appreciate the important things in life which will make you feel better, but you’ll want to use it daily to really feel the full effect.  If you’re looking to start 2013 out in a positive way you can check out Midnight Troop’s Moments of Gratitude Journal on Google Play.

Moments of Gratitude Journal

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