Stay Safe with MyFlare for Android

MyFlare is a new personal emergency response app that can get you help when you need it the most. There have been some other personal safety apps in the market, and some of them are actually very solid. MyFlare has them all beat hands down as it can do the things those other apps do, and it can do them all at once. MyFlare is loaded with features and ways to keep you safe, but the coolest thing about the App is its ability to perform all of its safety functions at once with just a simple press of the button. Here’s a rundown of some of the key features in MyFlare…

  • Calls 911 or your designated non-911 emergency contact
  • Automatically texts & emails up to 10 of your pre-selected contacts a customized distress message along with your GPS location
  • Sends the texts & emails every 3 minutes and update your GPS location
  • Sends 20 second video recordings that capture your current environment (optional) which are attached to the emails every few minutes
  • Blasts a loud Police Siren (optional)

Those features and the ability to send out a constant distress signal really set MyFlare apart from the completion. I thought the ability to take pictures of your surrounds was very cool along with the text alerts. The fact that it does it ALL at once if you’re in trouble is a game changer, as some apps do some of those actions, but none do them all this easily. It’s by far the coolest Personal Safety App I’ve seen in the market, and it would be a great app to have for anyone that’s concerned about their safety. No trial is available at present, but you can get the full version of MyFlare in the Android Market for $2.49.

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