The 2012 London Olympics are finally underway, and as you’d expect there are plenty of Olympic Android apps to go around. We’re going to take a look at several over the next week, but we’re starting with the best on which is the Official London 2012 Results App for Android. The London 2012 Results App gives you all the information you’ll ever need from the London Olympics and it’s going to keep you updated on all the action. The Results App covers all the events from the 36 Olympic sports, and even covers 21 for the Paralympics that startup after the Olympics end in August. The app is easy to use and is broken down into six different sections with Live, Schedule & Results, Sports, Medals, Athletes, and My Games. You can set the app up to the country of your choice, track your favorite athletes & events, and the medal counts as events are happening. One of the main features I liked was the full schedule of events that are fully sortable; it’s always a pain for me to find out what day boxing is or when Team USA is playing basketball, but the app makes finding that info easy.


The London 2012 Results App is the best Android app out there for keeping track of the games, but it could be better as I noticed quite a few bugs. I encountered some missing graphics, and wasn’t able to set my country to the US as it stays locked in to the UK for some reason. Overall, it does what it says though which is keeping you up to date with the latest results of the games. You can check out the London 2012 Results App for free on Google Play.

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