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Step into Mystery with FLEE! Lost Memory for Android

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I’m a sucker for games with a great tagline, and when I saw the words “Only this word is incised on its head” I thought….hmmm gotta’ see what this is all about. Hilarious market description aside, U-Works new game Flee! Lost Memory is a game with slick visuals and plenty of mystery. The premise of the game has you waking up in an unknown area clueless to what’s happened to you with no knowledge of your whereabouts. From there you have to find your way through the world by walking around collecting items and interacting with the environment.  The controls are simple and you’re given two options of movement with the onscreen buttons or by swiping the direction. I would go with swiping as the buttons weren’t as responsive as I would have liked. You are able to save at anytime during the game which is nice and highly recommended as I lost some progress when a call came through. I’m not sure if that’s the norm or a fluke as I didn’t have another chance to replicate that error.


Graphically Flee! Lost Memory is a very solid game, and the screens are very easy on the eyes. The world seems like its pretty expansive although I’ve only been through one of 4 locked buildings thus far so I don’t know how many other areas there are. The only real knock I’ve had on it has been the controls which are somewhat clunky at times; the swiping works well, but you can turn around and can only back up which takes a bit of getting used to at first. If you’d like to wander around and attempt to escape your mysterious locale you can pick up FLEE! Lost Memory in the market for $1.28.