Blood. It’s exciting and new, come aboard we’re expecting you… wait a minute that’s the love boat. No matter, Hemoglobin Hospital is an “exciting and new” Android game from the folks at Urara-Works, and to my knowledge it’s the first blood-based action puzzler out there. Hemoglobin Hospital is an Android game all about the blood, and it’s the most fun you’ll have with the substance unless your name is Dexter and you live in Miami. This quirky little puzzler has you adding oxygen molecules to blood cells to creature the perfect blood cell. When you first fire up the game you’ll see a flowing river of blood with little dice-like molecules on both sides of the screen. The molecules all have different amounts of oxygen units attached, and you’ll want to drag those onto the blood cells so that each one has 4 oxygen units making it a “perfect” cell. If you let one past you, you’ll lose time from your O2 gauge and when that runs out it’s game over.  Hemoglobin Hospital has a few other tricks up its sleeve as well like the O2 bombs, and you’ll get achievements, collections, and high scores to shoot for.


Hemoglobin Hospital is a cool little puzzler that’s takes a very odd premise (blood cells) and makes it fun. It’s also a tough game or at least it is for me, as it can be very tricky to try and catch all of the cells as they pass through. If you enjoy a good puzzler and are looking for something different I would definitely recommend checking this one out. You can pick up Urara-Works Hemoglobin Hospital for free on Google Play.

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