Studio 3 Partners releases New Movie Streaming service EPIX for Android


There are lots of different Android apps out there that let you stream movies, and a new app called EPIX from Studio 3 Partners is set to jump into the fray with its own lineup of movies. The app allows you to stream HD content to your phone (and other devices) and even comes with a 14-day free trial. Sounds great right? Well, after spending a little time with the service here’s what we thought… I’ll start by saying I’m a happy Netflix streaming subscriber and also get content from Hulu, Vudu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime so it’s pretty safe to say I know my streaming media. There are 3 main areas people really get excited (or irritated) about with streaming apps and that’s ease of use, selection, and reliability/compatibility. EPIX passes the ease of use test with flying colors as the app itself looks great and is a breeze to use. As for the selection of titles, they do have some good stuff but the selection is somewhat limited; that being said it’s a new service so with time their library will grow and they’ll get more movies. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends as the app just wouldn’t work right on the two devices I tested it on. After looking at the market comments I’m not the only one having issues with actually playing the movies either. I setup an account, and tried in vain to stream several different movies and got the “Projectionist Out” message or a Force Close error. I would’ve tried it on other devices as they do support quite a few different ones, but they don’t support Ps3’s or Comcast so I hit a dead end with it when it didn’t work on Android.


As mentioned the layout is awesome and the selection aint’ half bad, but the functionality just isn’t there for myself and a lot of other folks. With all the time Studio 3 has put into this thing I’m sure they’ll get the issues sorted out soon, and we’ll update with a full review when they do. The service does work well for some folks and there is a free 14-day trial so if you’re feeling lucky might want to give it a go. You can pick up the EPIX app for free in the Android market. You do have to sign-up to start the streaming, but it’s a simple process and no credit card information is required which is always nice to see.

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