SugarSync Android App Update adds auto sync of videos between PC and Android device

For those of you who are using SugarSync for synchronizing files on your Android smartphones or tablets with your PCs, you’ll be glad to know that the Android app has just been updated. The update brings in a nifty feature that automatically syncs videos you’ve captured from your Android devices to your PC easily. This means that by using the updated version of the app, you will no longer need a USB cable or an SD card reader just to transfer videos to your PC. All you need to do is download the app if you haven’t done so yet, and tweak some settings to get you started synching your files including videos. The next time your Android devices is connected to the same network as your PC, the auto synching will do its wonders without you bothering to do anything else. The app also auto-detect new videos you’ve captured and upload the video to the cloud and then transfer it to your PC. What’s good about this app is the fact that it syncs your videos only when your Android devices are connected online via Wi-Fi. Since video files are pretty large, this ensures that you won’t be incurring data charges if auto synching is to be done via 3G data connection. According to SugarSync, here are the benefits of AutoSync for Video:

  • Free your mobile videos — Liberate all those great mobile videos you’ve taken from your device, without ever having to think about it. AutoSync automatically backs them up and syncs them to your computer.
  • Keep your mobile videos safe — Even in the case of a lost device, you can be sure that your videos are safe. AutoSync has been backing them up and syncing them in the background.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and cables — Many users resist syncing and downloading videos from their mobile devices simply because it is too complex and time consuming. Put the wires away, and let AutoSync take care of the rest.

SugarSync Android app is available as a free download from the Android Market.    

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