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SugarSync Android App Updated, Now Syncs Photos Automatically

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SugarSync Android app has just been bumped up to version 3.2, bringing in autosync feature to photos and folders on your Android devices. The new features which if enabled will automatically syncs every photos you capture using your Android phone’s camera to your SugarSync as well as on your computers and other devices. In case you have not used SugarSync before, well then you might be missing a lot. SugarSync was adjudged by many as one of the best solution for replicating and synchronizing your files across multiple computers. SugarSync not only lets you manage your files in the cloud and in your devices but also lets you edit documents while on the go. To enable autosynching of files and photos, simply tap on the menu button on your mobile device while the SugarSync app is open, choose Settings and enable AutoSync Folders and AutoSync Photos. Aside from these features, the updated SugarSync app now also saves more of your Android phone’s battery juice, data plan and most importantly your money. It allows you to set AutoSynching only when your device is connected on Wi-Fi as well as on a power source. AutoSynching will run only when these two conditions are met. SugarSync Android app is available as a free download from the Android Market.