Survive the Apocalypse with Rebuild for Android

Rebuild is a turn-based strategy game that takes place in a post –apocalyptic world filled with zombies, and as the title implies your job is to rebuild society. You’ll quickly find out that this is no easy task as you’ll need to manage your personal, kill zombies, and scavenge for supplies before taking you’re your territory. Rebuild puts you in charge of a band of survivors, and as their leader you’ll have to give them tasks to complete and keep them safe. You’ll also have to reclaim territory from the zombies one block at a time. When you fire up Rebuild you have control of 4 blocks and a handful of survivors and you’ll immediately start giving them jobs that vary from scouting the area and killing zombies to recruiting other survivors. Each block or building has different functions; the police stations can help you defend, hospitals can heal your sick, and suburbs give your residents housing. You’ll have to walk a fine line between keeping your group fed, reclaiming blocks, and keeping the ones you get as the zombies will randomly attack you throughout the game. The cities in Rebuild are randomly generated and there are 5 levels of difficulty with 7 endings to discover. You can also setup your starting character in several different ways as well as customize your game by naming your city, character etc…


Rebuild is a great new turn-based strategy game, and the fact that it involves the apocalypse and zombies is just a bonus. I beat the game on the 2nd difficulty level fairly easy, but immediately bumped it up a notch and went right back for more. The game definitely has a nice replay factor, especially if you want to clear it without losing any survivors. I highly recommend Rebuild to anyone that likes a good strategy game, and you can pick it up as part of the Because We May sale for $0.99 through June 1st. If you’re ready to lose a few hours strategizing head on over to Google Play and pick up Sarah Northway’s Rebuild for Android.


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