Swiftkey Keyboard Android app goes out of beta, now with flow typing and more new features

swiftkey 4 android app Popular keyboard replacement app for Android, Swiftkey has just been updated and available from Google Play is version 4 of the App. For those who have been using the beta version of this app, you can now get Swiftkey 4 for $2.99. If you have been using Swiftkey, the update comes in as a free download. So, get it now while you can and start enjoying new features of the keyboard replacement app. Most notable among these new features is the swipe-to-type feature known as “Flow” gesture. This feature lets you draw out words instead of typing them. And you don’t have to lift your fingers off your Android device’s screen as well. Additionally, you can also enjoy using flow through space. This allows you to type the entire sentences without lifting your fingers as well. Aside from these, Swiftkey 4 also now has improved word prediction. This is fine tuned daily for as long as you keep on using the app. The Android app also allows you to connect it to your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. Doing so enables the app to better understand your language, hence more accurate word prediction. Other new features of Swiftkey 4 include – easier correction and additional 60 languages availability. I’m still updating Swiftkey on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can’t wait to use it to find out whether the will prompt me to completely abandon the stock keyboard app of my Galaxy S3. Although I have installed the app for quite some time now, I still find myself using the stock keyboard app. Hopefully, this time, Swiftkey is better enough to make me use it more often. Via [Google Play]

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