Swim through the Stars in Unit9’s Astro Shark HD

Nano Panda was one of the first games I ever covered, and Unit9 Apps has been a bit quiet on the Android front since then. Astro Shark HD is set to change that though as it’s an intergalactic story of love & friendship that spans space and time. Astro Shark HD is the tale of two friends, a shark and a dog. Unfortunately, the shark has become a bit dismayed as his friend Laika has been abducted and taken away. Did we mention Laika is a Russian space dog? Well she is, and you’ll have to help Astro Shark rescue her by swimming through space, orbiting planets, and avoiding rockets. It’s easy to play, but keeps you on your toes as new gameplay elements and challenges are added. Let me start off by saying Astro Shark HD is a gorgeous game. The game has a unique style and it’s almost an ethereal experience when you set down and get sucked into the world of Sharky and Laika. Yes, the premise is an odd one but it really works well even if it is a tale of love between a shark and a dog. If you’re looking for something different, you’ve found it with Astro Shark HD. No free version of the game is available at this time, but the full version of Astro Shark HD can be yours for only $0.99.

Astro Shark HD

Unit9 Apps

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