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Swing and Fling your way around the Track in Slingshot Racing from Crescent Moon Games

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EA’s not the only company with a slick new racing game. Slingshot Racing is the newest game from the fine folks at Crescent Moon Games makers of Paper Monsters and Aralon Sword and Shadow. Each game they’ve dropped has been completely different from the last, and Slingshot Racing is unlike any racing game you’ve likely played. Slingshot Racing has all the things a good racing game needs. You’ve got cool cars, crazy races, time trials, power-ups, and grappling hooks. Yes, grappling hooks and you won’t use them on your opponent. The grappling hook is what sets Slingshot Racing apart from the pack as you’ll use it to “slingshot” yourself around corners. It’s a great gameplay element and it works well to throw some extra action into the mix. There’s also around 80 different races to take on, so it’s safe to say you won’t get bored with Slingshot Racing anytime soon. Slingshot Racing kind of reminds me of Super Knights, but with racecars. This is a good thing as Super Knights is an awesome game. I’ve not had a chance to spend much time with Slingshot Racing yet, but so far I’ve been impressed and once you get the hang of slingshotting yourself around the track you’re gonna’ have a blast.  There’s no free version available at this time, but the full version of Slingshot Racing can be yours for only a buck.

Slingshot Racing