Com2uS has dropped a few games this month, and their newest title Swing Shot is extremely addictive. It’s a physics-based game of sorts, but it’s a lot more than that as you’ll quickly find out when you fire up the game. Swing Shot is a bit hard to describe so I’ll just say that you hang from something resembling a baby’s mobile and throw projectiles at your enemy. Your enemies are animals like bears, raccoons, pandas and monkeys that are hanging from a similar device across the screen. The gameplay is reminiscent of angry birds as you are flinging things, but that’s where the similarities and. You can upgrade your structure by adding different types of sticks to hang from, and you can acquire different types of animals to use. Everything can be adjusted to your liking, and strategy plays a big part in planning your perfect setup. There are a lot of different animals and sticks to use and there are several different modes of play. Did we mention that you can play online against people as well?


Swing Shot was a total surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that. I really thought the game was a bit too easy at first in campaign mode, but it got harder and I had my ass handed to me in online play. I plan on taking a closer look at this one over the weekend and highly recommend you check this one out. You can get Com2Us’s Swing Shot on Google Play for the low price of free.  

Swing Shot

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