If you own an Android Honeycomb Tablet, you’ll be glad to know that the beta version of the Swype Keyboard app is now available for download. Featuring the same or even better functionality as its Android phone counterpart, the Swype keyboard app for Android Tablet will definitely make your tablet typing experience a truly pleasant experience. The app brings in the same slide-to-type functionality which foregoes the need to tap on individual keys when you are typing on your tablet. It’s a no surprise that given Swype’s success with Android smartphones being a popular keyboard alternative, the same will most probably happen with the Android tablet app. After all, Android tablets have a bigger screen real estate than Android smartphones. So you can just imagine how easy it will be to compose texts and messages using Swype with your Android tablet. Aside from the slide-to-type function, Swype keyboard app for Android tablet is also bringing in Tap Correction which allows you to seamlessly go from typing to swiping and Horizontal World Choice List which replaces the popup word choice window.  Another nice feature of Swype for Android tablet is the ability to have the keyboard be resized and moved around the screen. This simply lets you create smaller setup that can be placed to the left or right side of your tablet’s display. Swype Keyboard App optimized for Android tablet can be downloaded from here. Since it is still in beta form, you can’t find it yet from the Android Marketplace. via Computerworld

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