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T-Mobile Announced Fastest Cellular Internet Ever

by On

I have been with T-Mobile for a few years now because they essentially offer dirt cheap phones and service. More recently I have been sticking with their Catherin Zeta Jones obsessed selves because they were the first and most enthusiastic cell phone provider in the USA for Android phones. Now I want to stay with them even more because I am eager to try out the new HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) which is set now to be the fastest cellular Internet connection available. Yep, you heard me. Faster than Verizon, AT&T (who just capped their network anyway :P), and even the mighty 4G WiMax being sported by Sprint. The new technology actually utilizes a 3G backbone (aka it is not 4G technology) making it backwards compatible with many 3G v7.2 handsets. It is now available in many cities and of course will take some time before it can hit more suburban and rural areas. I have made fun of T-Mobile’s Internet coverage before (it used to be REALLY bad) but I must say they are making strides. The new technology is theoretically capable of a whopping 56Mb/s and upload of around 22Mb/s, but T-Mobile is going to be probably capping it at 22Mb/s down by 2Mb/s up which is more than reasonable. The speeds have even been verified by DSL Reports which is always a good sign. I was happy to get 3G where I’m at now but I can’t wait for this. If you want to check your area go to T-Mobile’s coverage map > Click the HSPA+ & 3G tab > Scroll down and click ‘See cities with HSPA+’ and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky 75  million soon be bathed in an abundance of bandwidth.