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T-Mobile Confirms Samsung Galaxy 4G and Android Sidekick 4G

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Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S device and the old Sidekick have reason to be excited today as T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm confirmed the existence of the two devices at a press breakfast. We already knew a lot about the fabled Samsung Vibrant 4G, but the Android powered Sidekick 4G comes as a bit of a surprise. The original Sidekick had a faithful following, so it is nice to see T-Mobile relaunch the device running Android and compatible with 4G. Samsung is expected to announce the new Galaxy S device at MWC 2011, which could announce the launch of the 4G device for T-Mobile. Current rumors state the only differences between the upcoming Galaxy S 4G and the original Vibrant include a front facing camera, Android 2.2, and 4G connectivity. No word on what specs can be expected in the Sidekick 4G, but Android enthusiasts should expect a powerful smartphone with a top-notch flip QWERTY keyboard.