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T-Mobile Confirms The Motorola Charm With MOTOBLUR

by On

T-Mobile has finally confirmed the Motorola Charm which has reared its unique face for quite some time now. The specs on the Android candybar smartphone look pretty interesting, as the phone is geared towards teens who live by social networking. The Motorola Charm touts a 2.8 inch touch screen with something called BACKTRACK on the back casing of the device. Basically BACKTRACK is another navigation method and was implemented in the AT&T Backflip. Instead of typical navigation using the touch screen, users can use the back of the device with the touchpad known as BACKTRACK. Additionally, it supports Android 2.1 (hopefully to be upgraded to Android 2.2), enhanced MOTOBLUR, a 3MP camera, portrait QWERTY keyboard, and standard Google pre-loaded apps. While the phone comes with mid-range specs, it definitely appeals to users who want/need to stay connected 24/7. With enhanced MOTOBLUR, you can aggregate all your content from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Email, etc.into one stream. The phone allows you to easily upload pictures and videos to photo/video sharing websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, etc. Pricing and exact availability have not yet been made available by T-Mobile or Motorola. However, Motorola says the phone will be ready this summer, so I imagine it will be slated for a mid-August release, especially considering the Samsung Vibrant is slated for a July 21 launch. Hopefully the phone is available for free through T-Mobile’s special back-to-school promotion.