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T-Mobile G2 Available for Pre-Order for Existing T-Mobile Customers

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In case you are interested in the upcoming T-Mobile Android smartphone — the T-Mobile G2 — then you are probably already aware that Best Buy and RadioShack have been taking pre-orders of the phone for the past few weeks. As of today, T-Mobile joins those two companies in allowing pre-orders for the T-Mobile G2. However, to take advantage of pre-ordering the smartphone with T-Mobile, you must be a current T-Mobile customer, as this is a special opportunity for loyal customers. Don’t fret if you are not a T-Mobile customer just yet, because TMo will begin to take pre-orders for non customers in the next coming days. The T-Mobile G2, manufactured by HTC, will be available for the masses on October 6. If you pre-order the phone between now and October 4, you will be guaranteed the Froyo smartphone by October 6. Pre-ordering the G2 will cost you $250 up front, but it does come with a $50 MIR.