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T-Mobile G2 Confirmed To Feature 800MHz Processor and Android 2.2

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Just yesterday, we reported a leak about pricing information for the upcoming T-Mobile G2. Today, T-Mobile updated its teaser page for the G2 to include some other important information — namely its processor type and software. While it may not pack a powerful 1GHz processor, the G2 will feature a a 800 MHz Scorpion processor, which is why you see a scorpion around the G2 in the image above. 800MHz for a processor is still pretty solid and should handle tasks nearly as efficiently as a 1GHz processor. Now, we already know it is an Android smartphone, but the version of Android it runs was unknown until today. T-Mobile proudly announced it will launch with Froyo and is Adobe Flash 10.1 ready. With HSPA+ speeds, the G2 could theoretically reach a download speed of 14.4Mbps, which is incredibly fast for a smartphone. I image the G2 to be popular with T-Mobile customers who reside in areas with HSPA+ coverage. All that’s left to know now is the official launch date, which T-Mobile should announce in the coming weeks.