T-Mobile Launches The Samsung Galaxy S 4G Teaser Page

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is going to launch on T-Mobile in the form of a revamped Vibrant. However, T-Mobile has been relatively quiet on details, but we are now one step closer to the launch of the 4G smartphone as a sign-up page for it has launched. The Galaxy S 4G smartphone will feature a “Brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen display,” Android 2.2, and theoretical speeds of 21Mbps. Based on previous rumors, the upcoming device should feature a front facing camera as well. Since the original Vibrant has now received the coveted Android 2.2 update, is the Galaxy S 4G that much different? Sure, it has 4G connectivity and a front facing camera, but is it worth the probable $199 and inking a new two year contract? T-Mobile promises more information in the coming weeks and you can leave your information to be notified when the information becomes available.

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