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T-Mobile Offers Up the G2 Android Phone For Free

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What do we have here? A free Android phone from T-Mobile? Yes, folks. If you’ve been planning to score your first Android phone for so long now but was hesitant due to prices of these handsets – here’s a nice offer from T-Mobile. The Android phone? A full-featured and possibly one of the best Android phones that ever came out – the T-Mobile G2 Android phone. And yes, T-Mobile is giving you the opportunity to get this device without cash-out. But of course, you still have to sign up for a two-year service contract. Deal breaker? Not really. After all, you need a mobile data plan to fully utilize the G2 Android phone. So, it’s still is a good deal, if I may say so. I mean, what more can you possibly ask for from the T-Mobile G2 Android Phone? It has Android 2.2 (Froyo) for OS, 4G and 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optimized HSPA+ speeds. Inside this nice Android phone is a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 7230 mobile processor, a 512MB RAM, 4G internal memory, 8GB SD card expandable to 32GB, a 3.7-inch S-TFT WVGA display with 800×480 resolution, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 5MP camera with LED Flash, Auto Focus, and Digital Zoom with 720p HD video capture. Sounds good? Well, it is. So, if I were I’d grab the T-Mobile G2 Android phone now, before it’s too late. Check out this deal here.