T-Mobile teases a new phone, or case, or something that goes underwater.

T-Mobile $30/month plan

T-Mobile has something up their sleeve. What that is, we don’t know. Well, we sort of know. It has to do with being underwater, at least for a brief period of time. Maybe T-Mobile is taking us swimming?

More than likely, they’re getting a new device that can withstand a little underwater filming. While there are plenty of devices that can take a little splash here and there, not many can take the full onslaught of diving underwater and swimming for a few seconds. The most obvious guess has to be the Sony Xperia Z, which makes a point of touting their “waterproof” capabilities.

It could always be some new, cool case they’re going to have, too. What is for sure is that portrait filming must die a quick and sudden death. You’re better than that, T-Mobile.

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Via: Android Authority

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