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The Samsung Galaxy S is reportedly going to be available on all four major carriers in the United States. AT&T will market the Samsung Galaxy S in the form of the Samsung Captivate, while Sprint will sell the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. While no word on what version of the phone Verizon will sell, we do know that T-Mobile will get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S and sell it as the Vibrant. Since T-Mobile announced the new HSPA + Internet service, which boasts speeds of 56Mb/s down and 22Mb/s down, the mobile Internet experience on the Vibrant would definitely be a lot better than the same experience on rival networks. The camera doesn’t seem to contain flash with its camera, which is a bummer because most smartphones nowadays come with flash. However, the front side of the phone contains four capacitive buttons, but it does lack a physical QWERTY keyboard. The phone is set to launch on T-Mobile on July 21, and who knows, many Android 2.2 will be out by then.

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