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T-Mobile Pushes The Samsung Vibrant Launch Date To July 15

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Just recently there was a rumor regarding the Samsung Vibrant claiming T-Mobile is going to move the launch date ahead from July 21 to July 15. Such a move would make T-Mobile the first American carrier to launch a Galaxy S smartphone and it would put the Samsung Vibrant on par with the Motorola Droid X in terms of launch. While it seemed like a fairly certain rumor, T-Mobile officially confirmed it today by responding to a tweet. The tweet , that can be viewed above, is short and sweet:

The Samsung Vibrant launch is scheduled for July 15. ­čÖé

The debate now becomes whether moving the launch date up was a good move by T-Mobile. For Android, it is a great move because of all the hype they will receive on July 15 between the Motorola Droid X and the Samsung Vibrant – two big named Android devices. Everything else, such as pricing and availability, remains the same about the Samsung Vibrant. However, I’m not sure how Radio Shack will fare in pre-orders because customers can simply order a phone on launch day and receive it much earlier than taking a pre-order. Is anyone stuck between the Motorola Droid X on Verizon and the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile now that they launch on the same day?