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Take a Spin through the Worlds of Itzy3D for Android

by On


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fan of spiders, and the only one I’ve ever liked was Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Spider based Android games aren’t too frightening though, especially when they deal with cool spiders like Itzy from the new game Itzy3D. Itzy3D drops you into Itzy’s world where a meteor has crashed and released swarms of strange alien fireflies. Your job is to cover the 3D worlds with webs as you climb up trees, eat fireflies, explore cities, and take out bad guys with your deadly Kung-Fu punch. You start out each level with a certain amount of webbing and a goal gauge, and you get to advance if you can stay alive while meeting your web-based goal. There is a leveling system that lets you customize your Spiders attributes and a few power-ups to help you out along the way as well. In the extras department, Itzy3D has 24 individual achievements and over 40 illustrated cutscenes to enjoy as you make your way through Itzy’s 3D world.


The concept behind Itzy3D is a good one, and spinning my way through the worlds has been quite a bit of fun thus far. It seems to have a bit of depth as well with its large levels and achievements; it’s also nice that it’s a family friendly game that’s safe for anyone to play. There is a free version with 4 levels to try while the full version of Itzy3D gives you 10 levels plus the tutorial & demo levels for $4.99. It’s a pretty cool little game, and if you’d like to give it a go you can find both versions of Itzy3D in the Android market.