Tap and Click adventure games are becoming more common place in the world of Android gaming, and they’re also getting much, much cooler. Lucky is one of the newest ones out, and while it’s not a game for kids it’s definitely different and one of the slickest games I’ve seen of this nature. Lucky is the story of William, a man who truly has it all as he’s attractive, smart, and has boatloads of money. It’s pretty safe to say that William is Lucky… or is he? Lucky starts out in the bedroom where you’re just had a one night stand and are being told some odd things by the chick in your bed. I’m not going to spoil anything so I basically have to stop things there, but needless to say it’s interesting and you’re not going to be happy with what she tells you. From there you’ll have to navigate your way through the world while trying to find clues and solve puzzles so you can find out the truth about yourself and your family’s fortune. Hate to be vague, but that’s really about all I can say without giving anything away with the game as I hate spoilers. Lucky is a slick looking game that reminds me a lot of Myst with the way you go about and interact with things. That’s about the only thing Lucky and Myst have in common though, as Lucky is much more adult oriented with its language and subject matter and to be honest it’s a nice change of pace. Sure, lots of kids play Android games, but a lot of grown folks do to and it’s nice to see a game geared towards us that’s actually a ‘good’ game and not strip poker or the like. Lucky is only available through the Amazon App store at this time, but if you’re looking for something different and enjoy ‘tap to move’ style games it’s definitely worth a look. You can pick up twist-edgames Lucky for $0.99 on Amazon.



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