Take down the Eye in the Sky in Creative Heroes Gluddle

gluddle for androidWe’re always on the lookout for interesting Android games, and Creative Heroes Gluddle certainly fits the bill. It’s a game about bouncy little eyeballs and their fight for privacy against The Supervision which also happens to be a giant eyeball of sorts. It’s eyeball creatures vs. robotic eyeball creatures, and it’s just as odd as it sounds. gluddle.android.gameGluddle is a physics-based game that combines elements of physics flingers with pinball. Each level pits you against The Supervision, and all you need to do is hit them with an eyeball to complete each stage. It’s much tougher than it sounds. Apparently Gluddles are heavy little creatures that don’t fly very far, so you’re going to have to bounce your shots towards the villainous Supervision. You’ll accomplish this by freezing your Gluddles in mid-air by simply tapping on the screen. You can bounce off of Gluddles, boulders, and most of the other objects on the screen although some objects may shatter after a couple of bounces. There are no timers in Gluddle and your shots are unlimited, but you will be scored on how many Gluddles you use per level. I just happened to stumble across Gluddle this afternoon when browsing for new Android games, and I have to say it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s definitely quirky, but it’s a lot of fun, and it gets pretty challenging as you progress through the game. You can check out the first 20 levels of Gluddle for free, and if you like what you see you can unlock another 96 levels via an in-app purchase. If you’re ready to bounce some eyeballs, you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Creative Heroes Gluddle. Gluddle

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