Whether you’re working construction or putting up shelves at home, getting the right measurement is important. That’s where an Android app like Surveyor from Idea Matters comes in handy as it allows you to measure distance by using your phone. Surveyor is a virtual tape measure of sorts that lets you take measurements by with your camera. The app lets you place markers on “virtual ground” that’s been overlaid with the camera image. Surveyor locks in the virtual ground so no matter what you do or which way you’re turned your markers will stay put. The distances between each point/marker are calculated then displayed on your screen in the unit you specify. You can also make adjustments as you go by resetting you markers and adjusting the camera height. You also have the ability to snap a picture, and if you get confused by the app there is a nice informative Faq to help walk you through things. For anyone now familiar with surveying I would recommend that you read the Faq before you measure anything with the app.


Surveyor is a good app and can be a valuable tool if you’re a contractor or need to take a quick measurement when you don’t have a tape measure handy. There are a few limitations with the app (only works on flat surface), but overall it measured everything I tested and worked well. It’s not an app for just anyone, but anyone can use it easily if they just read the Faq first. There’s a free version of Surveyor you can check out and a paid version that adds a few features for $1.49. Both versions of Idea Matter’s Surveyor Pro are available for download on Google Play.

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