Dragons are known for a lot of things, like kidnapping princesses, breathing fire and eating people. Damn you Dragons! That’s not my sentiment towards the creatures, it’s actually the name of a new Android game from VisionaryX the same folks that put out a very popular game called A Knights Dawn. Damn you Dragons! lets you play a Viking sheep herder whose job is to protect his sheep from terrible dragons. The dragons fly at your flock and you’ll have to stop them with your mighty egg catching hammer and send them back to their makers. You can “block” shots with your hammer, and every time you do your hammer will store a shot. You can send those shots flying back towards the dragon by adjusting your aim and hitting the fire button; you can store several shots at a time, but can only kill a dragon with the same colored shot. Damn you Dragons! offers up bosses, achievements, multiple control setups, and over 50 unique upgrades.


I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Damn you Dragons! especially when I learned it was about a Viking protecting sheep. What I found was a rock solid game, that’s highly addictive and loads of fun to play. The graphics are all well done and have that nice hand-drawn feel; there are also plenty of cool upgrades and achievements so the game has some depth as well. Whether you love or hate dragons, Damn you Dragons! is a game I highly recommend for all. You can check out VisionaryX’s Damn you Dragons! for free on Google Play.  

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