Take Out Malicious Meat in Burgerang for Android

burgerangSometimes a game will grab your attention with a catchy name or a flashy Play Store icon. TAPPS Burgerang Mad Burger manages to do both, and it’s pretty darned fun to boot…Screenshot_2013-06-18-12-10-13 Burgerang follows the Burger Rebellion. It’s the war to end all wars as burgers have become tired of being tasty, and have gotten downright mean. They are out for revenge, and it’s up to you and your trusty boomerang to stop them. The gameplay behind Burgerang is simple. When you fire up a game, burgers start marching towards you, and you’ll draw a line to send your boomerang flying towards the mad meat. It’s trickier than it sounds considering the burgers are constantly in motion – some more than others. Burgers come in many shapes and sizes, and the same can be said for the burgers in Burgerang. You’ll have Screenshot_2013-06-18-12-13-45tocontend with monstrous triple cheese burgers, dancing conga burgers, and the evil psychic veggie steak. Luckily you’ll get some help from a few handy power-ups including bombs and ice. There are plenty of unlockable boomerangs and backgrounds as well if you dig unlockables. Burgerang is a simple game that’s surprisingly addictive once you get the hang of handling your deadly implement. You’re also doing the world a favor by taking out the malicious meat… nobody likes an angry burger. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up TAPPS Burgerang for free on Google Play.


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