Take out the Zombies in I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon for Android

Plants and Zombies are popular fodder for Android games, and I Am Vengend: Zombiegeddon is the latest game to try its hand at the good ol’ plants vs. zombie shtick. I am Vegend: Zombiegeddon is the tale of Zombies verses the plants as everyone knows Zombies are partial to meat and hate veggies with a passion. You’ll control a crack team of Heroes that’s part of the Special Fertilization Squad and your job is to stop the trampling of seedlings along with other equally heinous acts. Luckily i-Free Innovations has given us quite the arsenal to use as you’ll get 11 Veggie Heroes to play with, each with their own style and unique powers. You’ll get to use your squad in 45 fun missions that run the gambit from base defense to carpet bombing and everything in-between. If you’re thinking I am Vegend: Zombiegeddon is just another PvZ clone you’d be wrong. While the game does have you battle zombies with plants the way you go about it is totally different and quite a bit of fun… especially if you like sunflowers that spit seeds at machine gun speeds or Tomato throwing Tomatoes. I like both of those so expect a full review sometime next week. There’s a free ad-supported version of the game you can check out and if you like what you see you can pick up the full version via the IAP setup for $1.05. i-Free Innovations

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