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Tap out Notes with Tote Notes for Android

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Tote Notes is a new Android app that’s set to change the way to take notes with it’s simple and intuitive interface. Need to scribble something quickly? Don’t have a stylus? No problem, all you need to operate Tote Notes is your finger and your voice. Tote Notes will record your notes, transcribe them to text and even email them. The app is simple to use as well, at the end of each phone call you make you’ll be asked if you want to take a Tote note and all you need to do is tap YES to record. Once you’re done with your notes you can tap SEND and this handy little app will send the transcribed recording to your email address along with an MP3 audio attachment of your voice. The email contains all the pertinent information from your call as well with the person’s name and phone number included in the emails subject line. In case you were wondering, you don’t even need to make a call to use the app; if you want to take manual notes you can do so from the history tab. Setup is easy and there’s a nice guide that can walk you through things and have you tapping notes in no time.


Tote Notes is a very cool app, and a great one to have on hand if you do a lot of business calls. It will eliminate you running for a pad & pencil after a call which ensures that you don’t miss any important information you needed to jot down. There is a fully functioning free version of the app to try, but the Pro version will add a few features like the ability to record up to 2 minutes per note and an additional email address to send your notes to. You can check out Mercury Mobile’s Tote Notes over at Google Play.