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Tax Trouble? There's an Android App for that…

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The 2011 Tax deadline is steadily approaching, and Uncle Sam is waiting for his money. Feeling stressed out about the April 18th deadline?  Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are several, but we came up with four that will take care of your needs. They will help you estimate, file and track your returns. Check out these great Tax apps, and breathe a little easier…

BNA Quick Tax Reference

BNA’s guide gives you access to US tax rates and schedules. It includes current and past tax rates, dating back to 2007. The guide has standard mileage rates, gift taxes, personal exemptions and much more. It’s a great app if you need a quick tax reference while your out, and you can pick it up at the Market for free.

TaxCaster Mobile

It’s always nice to know if you have money coming. TaxCaster Mobile will solve that problem by estimating your federal tax refund for 2010. You’ll know if your getting money back, or having to pay it out. This handy little app comes from INTUIT, so you know its solid. Best of all it’s free and available in the Market.

TurboTax SnapTax

This Android app from the makers of “TurboTax” will make filing your taxes a breeze in just a few steps. You snap a photo of your W-2, answer a few quick questions, and review your information. If everything is correct, you install/purchase the separate “key” app, and then it files for you. It does have some limitations, stating that it is only for people who …

  • Have an income of $80k or less ($100k if married)
  • Income only from W-2s, interest, or unemployment
  • No dependents. No home or Real Estate ownership.

If you fit the criteria, then you’re in business. It’s also pretty cool that you can file your taxes you’re your Android phone. You can pick up TurboTax SnapTax & the Key in the Android Market for 19.95.


Last, but not least, we have an app from the “The Man.”  The IRS did something good for a change when they gave us this app. It will let you check the status of your refund, get tax tips or the most recent tweets from the IRS on Twitter. Yes, the IRS is apparently on twitter. Either way, it works great for tracking your return and it’s free.