Temple Run 2 hits the Google Play store

temple run 2 Finally, after waiting for a week, Android fans will surely be delighted to know that Temple Run 2, the sequel to one of the most downloaded and most successful game in the history of mobile gaming industry has finally arrived. That’s right folk, hit the Google Play app on your Android 2.3 and up devices, and start downloading Temple Run 2. Be prepared to get thrilled and awed by this great game. And for those who are planning to release a sequel to their games, learn from Imangi Studios, the developer of the Temple run franchise. This is how you make a great sequel. Having played the game on both my iPad Mini and iPhone 5, I’m telling you folks. This game is one great game in all aspects. It’s an improvement of the original and yet still carries what we’ve loved about the original game. Way-better looking graphics, expanded gameplay, more game goodies and definitely so much more to look forward to. temple run 2          temple run 2 Temple Run 2 has the following features as per Google Play store:

  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • More powerups
  • More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger monkey!!!

Gameplay is pretty much the same as the original Temple Run. You control your chosen character as it runs away from a huge monkey after stealing some stone or gem. To control, you simply swipe to the left, right, down, or up. Tilt your device to collect coins and then run, run and run for as long as you can. This time around instead of pure running, jumping and sliding on your foot, you will now be able to ride mine carts and glide down zip lines. temple run 2          Temple run 2 The game has four characters with the three unlockable only if you save enough coins that you’ve collected. And I’m telling you right now, playing those two characters can be costly so be cautious on spending your coins on power-ups. So that’s it. Time to play some more Temple Run 2 on my Galaxy S3. Have you downloaded the game yet? How do you find it so far? Via [Google Play]

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