Test your Mob knowledge with the Sopranos Quiz for Android


Woke up this morning, and got yourself a game… As a huge Sopranos fan I’ve longed for a movie or anything to put me back in the world of Tony Soprano and while I haven’t been a big fan of the games I do like a bit of trivia. The Sopranos Quiz by Brain Boyle certainly fits that bill, and if you’re a fan of Tony, Carm, Bobby, and Sil you’ll definitely want to check this one out. The Sopranos Quiz starts you out as an “Associate” and your goal is to improve in rank until you get to be the boss. Each question is worth 1,000 points, and there are bonuses for time and getting it right on the first guess. As you’d expect there’s also a time limit, and you’ll only get three lives for each round. There are 10 questions per round, and they vary quite a bit. I’ve played several rounds already and haven’t gotten the same question twice yet so that’s a good thing. The Sopranos Quiz has leaderboards as well which is great so you can check your knowledge against other Sopranos fans around the world.


I consider myself a pretty damn hardcore Sopranos fan, and have probably seen every episode 3-6 times over the years. I also marathoned it once and got through the whole series in a week. That being said, the Quiz is actually a little tough as I’ve been “whacked” 4-5 times right when I get to the end of a round. There are a lot of questions that will be easy to most Sopranos fans then you’ll get ones like “Who was AJ’s sponsor during his confirmation?” Again, this isn’t a bad thing as it keeps you coming back for more as you really get to the boss ranking. If you dig the Sopranos this is the Trivia app for you and you can get it for free on Google Play.

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