Test your Patience with Electric Stick Challenge 3D


Electric Stick Challenge 3D is a shocking new game from the minds at Chi-Chi games. By shocking we don’t mean profane language or nudity – we’re talking about the big metal rod you’ve got to move through the electrified playing fields of the game. Electric Stick Challenge is a tricky game and it’s also the type of game that has that rare ability to piss you off after a few minutes. Your goal in the game is to move a hand wielding a metal rod through a myriad of electrified mazes. You can move your hand by using your phones accelerometer; tilting your device left lets you go left, etc…etc.. It’s a very simple premise actually, but it’s surprisingly hard and fast paced. When you get to the first stage and hit ready you’ll be given 50 seconds to make it through the level, and if you hit the wall once you’re done.  You also only get 5 continues in the game which further complicates matters. Electric Stick Challenge 3D doesn’t have any real extras or options to speak of, but you really don’t need them and the gameplay speaks for itself.


If you’re looking for a great quick play game that will frustrate you along with all of your friends Electric Stick Challenge is just the game for you. As mentioned, the game can be extremely frustrating and I honestly wanted to sling my phone across the room on several occasions. It’s basically like you’re playing an endless game of Operation on your phone which isn’t a bad thing at all. If you want to check it out you can pick up Electric Stick Challenge 3D on Google Play for the low price of free.

Electric Stick Challenge 3D

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