Texas Instruments MaxLife tech brings fast-charging and 30% longer Li-ion battery life

Texas Instruments

If I were a betting man, I’d wager that having to repeatedly charge a handset makes its way into virtually everyone’s list of top smartphone complaints, especially as processors continually step-up their power requirements in the pursuit of a little more performance.

Back in late March, we initially covered some new Texas Instruments chips that supposedly cut battery charging times by 50%, which was a nice start. Fortunately, it seems that the company has been tinkering around with battery circuits again, as Texas Instruments on Thursday unveiled a couple of new chips designed to improve the charging speed and life-span of single-cell Li-ion batteries.

The new technology is known as “MaxLife”, which TI is suggesting can lead to up to a 30 percent extension in battery life, certainly not something to be scoffed at. These fuel gauge circuits, model numbers BQ27530 and BQ27531, are combined with the BQ2416X and BQ2419X charging circuits, which we covered before, to monitor and optimise the battery’s charge rate whilst minimising battery degradation.

The circuits are also promising better thermal management and reduced heat generation during charging. That’s good news for our handsets and should reduce some energy wastage too. Essentially, this technology works as an on-demand battery manager, but at the hardware rather than the software level.

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The chips will be available in 2.5A and 4.5A versions, and since the development kits are already available, it hopefully won’t be long until we see this technology integrated into some battery efficient gadgets and smartphones.

TI fast-charge technology gets more life out of a Li-Ion battery

New battery fuel gauge and charger chipsets with MaxLife™ technology allows consumers to charge faster without degrading the battery

DALLAS (June 6, 2013) – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced two power management chipsets with TI’s patented new MaxLife™ fast-charge technology, which allows consumers to charge single-cell Li-Ion batteries faster and experience longer battery life. The bq27530 and bq27531 fuel gauge circuits, coupled with TI’s bq2416x and bq2419x chargers, optimize battery performance using the highest possible charge rates with minimal battery degradation. For samples and evaluation module, visit www.ti.com/maxlife-pr.

Mobile phone users are frustrated when their batteries’ charge doesn’t last as long after months of daily charging and discharging. TI’s MaxLife technology leverages an innovative degradation modeling system to minimize charge time while extending battery service life – as much as 30 percent according to lab tests. Based on TI’s popular Impedance Track™ battery capacity measurement technology, the MaxLife algorithm accurately predicts and avoids charge conditions that could degrade the battery.

Autonomous battery management

Traditional software-controlled battery management systems – whether implemented with a microcontroller, PMIC (power management integrated circuit) or digital signal processor – are limited in their ability to predict accurate battery capacity and translate that information into run time. The new bq27530 and bq24160 chipset for 2.5-A charge rates and the bq27531 and bq24192 chipset for 4.5-A charge rates give designers greater flexibility …read more

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