The 10 Best Android Widgets

One of the cooler things about the Android OS is the ability to use Widgets. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and are a great way to get the information you want right on your homescreen. With that in mind we thought we’d make a quick list of some of the more useful ones out there, some are standalone apps while others come as part of an app. No matter how they’re packaged, these widgets are definitely 10 of the best around.

1. Evernote Widget

This widget allows you to use the core Evernote features straight from the home screen, with shortcuts to notes, searches, voice memos, and many other features instantly. The Evernote widget is available for free.

2. Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets offers a number of features, including clock and weather features with stunning animation. There is also a battery monitor and configuration toggles among many other features. Beautiful Widgets can be downloaded for $2.60.

3. Extended Controls

Extended controls is one of the handiest widgets for android users. It allows users to customize and control a number of android settings, including showing the active widgets and has a system info widget, which shows the critical information of the mobile device. Extended Controls is available for $0.99.

4. Pulse News Widget

This widget comes with the Pulse News app, which is a news reader. The widget allows devices to show an illustrated, scrollable box dedicated to any channel the user has decided to import, and can also sync with Google Reader. This widget comes bundled with the Pulse News App, which is free.

5. Tiny Flashlight + LED Widget

Tiny Flashlight is a useful widget that turns your phones LED/flash/screen into a flashlight. This is a great widget when a user may have the sudden need for a light, and comes with a range of options, including warning lights, police lights, and even Morse Code. The widget comes built in with the app, which is free.

6. Google Reader Widget

The widget to this popular news app allows users to see a list of unread items. It also allows users to pick any individual element from the RSS feed provided by Google Reader and have it displayed instantly, while the top bar shows the name of the feed, the unread count, and a refresh button to check for new content.  This widget comes built in with the Google Reader app, which is free.

7. Widget

The widget allows access to the app straight from the home screen. Users can type or speak a word and get the definition almost instantly. This widget also has a word of the day feature, and is bundled with the app, which is free.

8. Weather Channel Widget

This widget lets users track real time changes in the weather straight from their home screen.  This widget gives users the option of tracking the weather by day or month, and comes with the free Weather Channel app.

9. Google Finance Widget

The Google Finance widget allows users to get real time stock updates directly to the home screen, allowing users to track single or multiple stocks. This widget comes with Google Finance, which is free to download.

10. Twitter Widget

The Twitter widget allows access to the Twitter main app, meaning that users can follow the hottest social networking site straight from their home screen. The Twitter widget provides real time search, tweeting, retweeting and following options, and even has a feature to show “Mentions” so that the user knows who has talked about them.  This widget comes bundled with the Twitter app, which is free.

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