The Asus Transformer TF300T Now Available for Purchase Online

Well, the day has finally arrived as the general public can now (actually) order the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 online. We along with every other site on the net have reported that the pre-orders started last week, but finding one available was near impossible. Personally, I’ve worn myself out between calling retailers, checking online, and hitting that all important refresh key every 20 seconds. The good news I was able to actually get one this morning, and thanks to air mail it will be on my door tomorrow morning. Want to know who’s actually got them “in-stock” and where you can get one? We’ll start off by saying that the Asus TF300 has been called many things like the Asus 300, Asus Transformer Pad TF300, and our personal favorite the Asus TF300T-B1-BL Transformer. Depending on how you search for it you’ve probably found quite a few different options with prices ranging from $399 to a whopping $750 from sellers that like to price gouge. The tablets do seem to be available, but are selling out quick as I’ve seen Amazon have them up on 3 separate occasions, just to be sold out/removed within 30 minutes or so. Some stores actually “thought” they were getting them in yesterday, but as far as we know you can only get them online until next weekend. Keep in mind that the stock that’s available and this list is just a guide to help you find the tablet from “reputable” sellers online. We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in any way, shape or form…  In other words don’t shoot the messenger, remember this is a “guide” and happy tablet hunting! ————————————————————————————————————————————————- B & H Photo and Video – This is where I “just” ordered mine, they are in-stock and customer service is great. The price is also exactly what it should be with the 32 gig for $399. If you’re impatient like me they also have decent rates on overnight shipping, as mentioned mine should be here tomorrow and I ordered it at noon. Amazon – This one’s no big secret as they’ve had the TF300T up for almost a week, but it sells out quickly. Currently they have it available through 3rd party sellers at inflated prices, and have it listed as shipping out in 8-9 days. If you want it directly through Amazon I’d keep hitting that refresh button. – I’ve never bought from them, but they do “appear” to have it in stock as of now. They also “seem” to have the dock in stock which would make them one of the only sites I’ve found that do. The prices are right and they do have great feedback, but again I have no experience with them. J & R – They’ve been listed as a seller for awhile now, and while ASUS has them officially listed as a reseller, there is no product page to be found yet. Keep checking back with them; I’ve purchased from them before and they’re solid. ABT Electronics – Not available yet, but we “think” it will be today. I’ve also personally purchased items from them; they’ve got quick shipping and great customer service. Adorma – Another good company, but again currently not available although they have deliveries scheduled to “start” on April 23rd which is today.

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