As Christmas approaches and winter sets in, fishing is probably the last thing people that live in cold weather climates think about. As popular as the sport is when it gets cold most fishermen put their boats and rods away. Thanks to technology you can always fish on your phone, and while there are a ton of fishing games out there only a few can be considered the best of the bunch. Without further ado, we proudly present The Best Fishing games for your Android device…

i Fishing

Rocket Pocket Games popular little fishing game i Fishing will wow gamers with its realistic backdrops and well… it’s just a lot of fun. The game has 15 unlockable lakes, 40 backdrops, and a slew of different fish to catch. Throw in a Trophy Room, accelerometer casting and three modes of difficulty and you’ve got yourself one great fishing game. There are several different versions of i Fishing available with i Fishing, i Fishing Saltwater, and i Fishing Fly Fishing. All the games have free and paid versions and are available to download from the market.

Super Dynamite Fishing

Super Dynamite Fishing is a cool little fishing game from Handygames that takes the old way of fishing and turns it on its head. You’ll try to get the fish “out of the water” with a variety of weapons and boats while also trying to snag Rosemary the girl of your dreams. Super Dynamite Fishing has more than enough quests, rewards, and zany characters to keep gamers busy and it’s a blast to play as well. You can grab Super Dynamite Fishing in the Android market for free or pay $1.33 for the ad-free version.

Fishin’ 2 Go

Fishin’ 2 Go is has long been one of the most popular fishing games in the market, and there’s a good reason for that. Fishin’ 2 Go uses your phones accelerometer to cast, and you’ll know you’ve got a bite when feel the phone vibrate. Fishin’ 2 Go also has a lot of variety with 125 species of fish, 100 different lures/baits, and 17 fresh & saltwater locations. Fishin’ 2 Go looks great and is loads of fun to play, if you’re in the mood to do a little fishing you try the free version or paid versions of Fishin’ 2 Go.

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