The Best Free Tablet Apps for Android

best.tablet.apps-1Google Play is a lot like life these days, nothing is truly free. Even free apps have hidden purchases, and you have to dig to find good apps that are fully functioning (for the most part) and free. Tablet apps are even harder to sift through as they aren’t as many of them, and some are obviously much better than others. With that in mind we’ve come up with a short list of the Best Free Tablet Apps for Android. All of these apps are free although one has a minor caveat…

Google Keep

google.keepGoogle Keep is available for any Android device under the sun, but it looks great on tablets and is a lock to make the list. This handy note taking app will ensure you never miss an important memo again as you can keep track of things through lists, photos, and notes. You can swipe to archive things, color code your notes, and use widgets to keep things nice and neat on your home screen. It’s one of the best note taking apps around, and it’s free to download on Google Play.

News 360

There a lot of great news aggregators on Google Play, but News360 has always been one of our favorites.  News360 is different from the rest of the pack as it actually learns your reading habits and picks articles to suit your needs. The app pulls information from around the web and presents it in an easy to use interface, and it does a great job of finding stories you might missed otherwise. You can still add your own news sources as well so no worries there. News360 looks great on a phone, but even better on a Tablet and best of all it’s free!news360

Sketchbook Express for Tablets

Autodesk has put out a slew of useful Android Apps, but SketchBook Express is one of our favorites, and it’s also free. The app gives you professional drawing tools and allows you to create some pretty amazing things. You can use the S-Pen, a stylus or your finger; the only thing that’s going to limit you is your imagination. Sketchbook Express for Tablets is free to

Text from Tablet – SMS Messagingtext.for.tablets

Tablets are good for a lot of things, but texting usually isn’t one of them. Text from Tablet makes the improbable possible by letting you sync your tablet with your phone so you can send texts. The app pulls your contacts from your phone to your tab, is simple to use, and even lets you attach pictures. You will have to have MightyText installed on your phone and tablet, but both apps are free to download.


You do have to be a subscriber to use this one, but the app itself is free to download. HBO Go is the greatest streaming service known to man, and not just because you can watch Game of Thrones while you’re out and about. The service has a HUGE catalog of movies and shows including one’s that aren’t normally available through your cable provider. The movie section is great, but the shows are the real treat as you can get full seasons of almost every HBO series you can think of. Deadwood, The Sopranos, Rome, The Wire, Eastbound & Down, and Band of Brothers.  You name it, they probably have it and they even have HDMI out now so you can hook your tablet up to the big screen. Great app, and it’s worth subscribing to the service just for HBO Go if you watch a lot of their

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