The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 8, 2013

best new android games 2013 We may have missed last week’s roundup of new Android games, but we’re back on track this week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week…

1. Magicka

Paradox Interactive unleashed Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet a few weeks ago and if you dig games with a magical twist, you’ll definitely want to consider Magicka. The game puts you in control of a powerful Wizard that can mix and match elements to create some crazy spells. Ever seen a Wizard cast Fire Lightning? Didn’t think so… Magicka is one of the coolest games we’ve played this year regardless of genre and it’s well worth the $1.99 price tag.magicka-android

2. Tekken Card Tournament

Namco Bandai’s Tekken Card Tournament finally came out of Beta last week, and it’s by far one of the slickest TCG’s you’ll find on any platform. It’s card battling done up in true Tekken style as you build your deck and take on characters from the game and opponents online. I’ve been playing this one since it was in Beta and it’s a “must have” game if you love Tekken or TCG’s. Tekken Card Tournament is free to download on Google Play.tekken.card.tournament

3. Spunk and Moxie

Spunk and Moxie is a new one-touch platform game that has you take control of two mutations that have miraculously sprung to life. You’ll have to guide the quirky duo through 30 hazard filled stages, and you’ll even get a surprise visit from a few Indie heroes like Suepr Meat Boy and Captain Viridian. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Chocolate Homunculus’s Spunk and Moxie is a steal at only $1.99.spunk.and.moxie

4. Nimble Quest

If you enjoyed the classic game known as Snake then you’ll want to check out Nimblebit’s Nimble Quest for Android. It’s a great way to kill some time, and you can read our full review of Nimble Quest here or pick it up for free on Google

5. Recess Riot

Recess is associated with playtime for children, but adults can have a little fun as well thanks to Recess Riot from Deceased Pixel. The game is actually 3 games in 1 as you’ll get to play Jump Rope, Dodge, and Juggle. The game is a blast and has a smooth retro feel complete with 8-bit art, and a killer chiptune soundtrack.  You can pick up Recess Riot for free on Google Play.recess.riot

6. Ice Rage

Some hockey games require skill, while other simply requires you to score goals and hit people in the face. Ice Rage falls into the latter category as you hit the Ice in a Hockey dual of sorts where it’s just you, an opponent, and your respective goalies. There’s not a ton of depth, but it is a lot of fun if you’re looking for some fast fun while you’re on the go. You can pick up Herocraft’s Ice Rage for $0.99 on Google Play.  ice.rage

7. Corn

It’s been a busy 2013 for Namco Bandai and Corn Quest is the 2nd Android game from the group to make the cut this week. Corn Quest is a fresh new take on the Tower Defense genre as you’ll have to protect your crops from nasty mutant bugs. It’s just as quirky as it sounds, but it’s also quite a bit of fun. If you’re ready to break out the “Shuck Norris” on some bugs you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Corn Quest for free.

8. Epic Pirate Story

Epic Dev’s finally unleashed the highly anticipated Epic Pirate Story last week and if you’re a fan of Kairosoft’s titles it’s a game well worth a look. You’ll take to sea and battle bad guys, mermaids, monkeys, and tribal chiefs. It’s more about battling than it is about building, but it’s still worth a look if you love simulation games. Epic Pirate Story is free to download on Google Play, and if you like what you see you can support the dev’s by picking up the Paid (donation) version for $1.27.epic.pirates.story-1

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