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The Blitz Brigade has arrived on Google Play

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Blitz.Brigade-AndroidYou’re heard about it, you’ve wanted it, and now it’s finally here. Blitz Brigade was finally released for Android early this morning, and if you’re ready to kick a little arse online it’s just the thing for you. blitz.brigade-1Blitz Brigade is a new First-person shooter from Gameloft that lets you play as the Axis or Allies in intense multiplayer battles. There are several different classes to choose from including Medics and Snipers; there are also vehicles that can be used in battle which is definitely cool considering this is a mobile FPS game. Who wouldn’t want to jump in a tank or rain bullets down on the enemy from a helicopter? By the numbers,  Blitz Brigade offers up 5 different classes, 3 vehicles, 120 missions, and over 100 weapons. You’ll also get voice chat, taunts, and up to 12 players can try to slaughter each other in online matches. There’s no doubt that Blitz Brigade sounds awesome, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that it’s going to be a very popular game once a few bugs get squashed. There are already quite a few complaints being tossed around about the controls scheme, but we haven’t been able to get our hands on a copy of Blitz Brigade yet as the servers are seriously slow right now. It’s cool to see so many people chomping at the bit to get their hands on the game, but Gameloft should have been ready for this. It’s a game you’ll definitely want to check out if you dig First-person shooters, but you may want to wait a little while before attempting to download the game as we’ve been trying for 2 hours to no avail. Blitz Brigade is free to download on Google Play.

Blitz Brigade