The Chargeall Kiosk Lets You Charge Your Devices While You’re on the Go

chargeall kioskCharging your smartphone, tablet or gadget is a daily occurrence for most of us, and depending on where you live you may charging kioskhave already witnessed the wonders of a charging station. The ChargeAll kiosk looks to be the crème del a crème of charging setups, and the futuristic setup is looking to set up shop on a campus, store or business near you.

The ChargeAll kiosk is basically a big locker with bins where folks can store & charge their devices. Think of it like a high-tech Redox for phones and tablets, and you’ll get the general idea. The kiosk is designed to accept a wide range of devices including Android phones & tabs, iOS products, and a whole lot of other devices. If you’re a little squeamish about leaving your device unattended in a 7-11 lock box while it charges, no worries as the ChargeAll kiosk has plenty of security measures to set your mind at ease including password protection and LockSafe integration.

The ChargeAll kiosk will certainly benefit folks in need of a quick charge, but it serves another purpose for businesses as it allows them to charge for a “charge” and it double as an advertising platform. The kiosk can stream programmable video content and allow users to take surveys as well as taking their money in cash or through credit card swipes. The ChargeAll kiosk will also support Qi wireless charging if you need a quick power up while you’re on the go.

While the ChargeAll kiosk looks to be the top of the line charging station, the company also offers several cheaper options including wall mounted and countertop units with the CS4 & CS10 as well as numerous cables and charging tips. If you’re interested in learning more about the ChargeAll kiosk or want to check out more ChargeAll products just hit the link below.

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