The End is Nigh for 22cans Curiosity Cube the words of Michael Corleone… Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. A lot of folks are going to be saying that now that 22cans Curiosity appears to be winding down. That’s right, Peter Molyneux and the crew at 22cans is stepping in and cutting the cube down to 50 layers, which means the “ultimate prize” will be awarded later this The Cube known as Curiosity has seen a large decline since in tappers since it was first released, and 22cans have obviously moved on to other projects like Godus, their newest game we get reminded of every time we log into Curiosity. At the time of this writing,  the Cube is 176 days old, and 273 layers have been removed. If you’re like me and haven’t logged in to check on things in weeks, you’ll notice a few important in-app purchases have been added in the store as well. The Curiosity Cube now allows players to remove cubelets in bulk; you can pull 10,000, 100,000 or 500,000 cubes off at once if you want to pay. If you want to make the cube half a million cubelets smaller, it’ll set you back 10 bucks while 10,000 cubes removed is $0.99. I thought they were pretty serious about speeding things up until I noticed that you can  add the same amount of cubelets back onto the cube for the same prices. Pretty pointless considering nobody is going to want to add cubes as everyone wants to know what’s in the middle.curiosity.cube-1 I’ve covered 22cans Curiosity since it was released, and initially I was a fan of the concept and what they were trying to do with the Cube. Cutting the game down to 50 levels, and adding in the new IAP’s seems like a last ditch effort to snag some cash from players hungry to get to the middle and win the prize. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of cutting the game short or the new additions to the game, but I will be tapping away like everyone else as things come to a close. If nothing else, the Curiosity Cube has worked on some levels as a lot of people really want to see what the “life altering” prize is at the center of the cube.


Source – Wired

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