The Facebook Android App Flawed With Security Issues

Facebook Android App If you’re running on Android OS, as you probably are, since your’re here reading the article, you should know that the Facebook Android App is fatally flawed when it comes to your online privacy. And even worse, Facebook doesn’t seem to care much, but this is hardly news. I am sure you spend part of your free time on the Internet, courtesy of your Android smart device and Facebook plays a significant role in your life.Or at least, you have a Facebook account, Hell, even my dog has one. Well, I am sure you’re not aware of the fact that, even if you don’t use the Facebook app, this sneaky bastard steals your phone number when you first open it and guess what? Your phone number is automatically transmitted to Facebook’s servers where it is stored, for an unknown purpose. Also, it is yet unclear why the Facebook Android App is behaving like that, maybe the code for the app was written by the NSA or something, that would explain it. The really creepy part is that you don’t even have to own a Facebook account, or button through the app; when first launched, the Facebook app simply grabs your phone number and delivers it to Facebook, bang, just like that, for no particular reason. This security issue was discovered by Norton Antivirus and they contacted Facebook, in order to report the problem. Facebook denied any knowledge regarding the matter, they even claimed about the Facebook Android App that, let me quote, ““did not use or process the phone numbers and have deleted them from their servers”. What can I say? Cool story, Facebook! Facebook Android App Norton Inc told us that the Android Facebook  App is not the only one stealing your private data without remorse, furhter information about other culprits, even worse ones, are yet to surface in the coming weeks. Source : Symantec    

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