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The Facebook Pages Manager arrives on Google Play

by On

Whether you Love or Loathe Facebook, the Official Android app has gotten better and yesterday we got voice messaging in the Messenger App and as well as the release  of the Facebook Pages. The Facebook Pages Manager is a useful tool for anyone that has to deal with or manage Facebook Pages, and it’s an app that’s been out on iOS for quite some time now. The app allows you to manage multiple pages where you’ll be able to read & respond to any messages left on your pages, post updates, get notifications, and add new pictures among other things. How well does it work? Well we don’t know as it’s not compatible with anything we own as it looks like it appears only people in certain countries can use this right now. The Official Facebook app made us suffer through a lackluster experience, and it looks like Zuckerberg is staying true to his work by beefing up Facebook on Android. Even though we can’t use the Facebook Pages Manager at the moment we don’t expect it to be long before it’s fully functional and available to everyone; we’ll update this post as soon it becomes compatible, but you can hit the link below if you want to try it now. Facebook Pages Manager